Our tallest We Can Ride horse passes a milestone this month. Rascal turns 17!

If you haven’t met our beautiful Oldenburg, you are missing out. Not only is he commanding in size, he is as sweet as he is tall – ideal characteristics for his former job as a police horse in St. Paul.

The Oldenburg breed developed in the 1500’s. Local mares from the region, which today makes up much of the Netherlands, were bred with imported stallions from Denmark, and Turkey. Powerful breeds such as Andalusians were also crossed with the small, plain mares to create a striking warmblood horse valued for athleticism and size.

Baby Rascal – Some things never change!

Rascal is a prime example of the breed’s best qualities. He stands at 17 hands and is an exceptional athlete. His easy-going nature makes him ideal for therapy work and his gaits are very comfortable to ride, especially his canter. In his life prior to We Can Ride, he was also a dressage horse, jumper, and loyal companion to his mom who has owned him since he was two.

Rascal on patrol

When he was 10, Rascal’s mom loaned him to the St. Paul mounted police. He was a valuable addition to the force – whether patrolling the community, or controlling crowds – and was very popular as a PR ambassador. He served for 5 years and retired with honors.

Rascal and McDreamy

These days you can find him playing with his bestie, McDreamy. The two spend hours goofing off and hanging out and have become exceptionally adept at removing each other’s fly masks!

We are thankful for his years of service on the streets and now at We Can Ride. He is always up for a friendly chat, so look for him next time you come to the barn!