If you want to talk one-of-a-kind amongst We Can Ride’s horses, Amigo’s Gray Hawk checks off a lot of boxes.

Griffin, as we all know him, has been at We Can Ride since 2018. Since then, he’s earned a fan-following that includes staff, volunteers and clients. His uniqueness begins with his breeding. Griffin is our only Rocky Mountain Horse, a breed that originated in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky. Bred for driving, multi-purpose riding, and even as a light draft horse, the Rocky Mountain is known for his ambling four beat gait that replaces the traditional two beat trot. This gait is highly desirable for disabled riders because with one foot always on the ground, the motion is exceedingly smooth.

Griffin’s varied life experiences make him our herd’s one-and-only in several ways. He is the only horse who served as an endurance and mounted search and rescue horse but he has also been a trusty trail and camping horse, a much-loved lesson horse, a parade favorite in both suburbs and downtown St. Paul and an experienced western pleasure horse who loved – and still does – to play games.

Griffin also was trained in dressage and eventing, as well as bareback/bridleless riding. He is most definitely the most well-rounded guy in the group! While Griffin’s coloring may have faded to a whiter coat with flecks of gray and red, as a youngster he was a beautiful dappled gray.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of riding, leading or just goofing off with Griffin has enjoyed a special gift. Realizing how much he has given to others his whole life, the most amazing thing is, when Griffin looks into your eyes, he’s just completely in the moment with you.

Pretty good qualities for a treasure of a therapy horse!

But hear it from one of our riders, Lauren, who was profiled by Nutrena’s Feed it Forward.