Equine Connections

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Equine Connections was developed in conjunction with professional first responders to introduce more people in those professions to the equine world – a place where one can step back from the stresses of life and focus on a relationship with an equine partner.

Through this unique connection, first responders can find peace and decompression after long shifts on the streets. Many approaches can serve this purpose, but none quite like bonding with a herd of horses.

Lessons may be ground-based or riding depending on experience level and interest.

“It relieved some stress and not only allowed us to be removed from ‘the real world’ but also gave us an hour to not think about work.  To be more concerned/focused on the 1000+ pound horse standing beside you rather than the sometimes endless haunting patients that were dying or died in the hours, days, and even weeks leading up to the class is a huge mental and emotional break.”

Equine Connections Participant

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