Specialty Occupational and Speech Therapy

We Can Ride’s Hippotherapy program involves a credentialed speech or occupational therapist working individually with the client to reach traditional therapy goals without teaching specific riding skills. The therapist works with a PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding instructor to create the type of movements from the horse to meet the specific treatment goals. Trained volunteers also help with balance and postural corrections.

According to The American Hippotherapy Association, this evidenced-based practice uses purposeful manipulation of equine movement to engage sensory, neuro-motor and cognitive systems to promote functional outcomes for clients. Hippotherapy is a recognized part of a client’s plan of care, along with other therapy tools and strategies.

Because the average horse walks at a rate of approximately 100 steps per minute, just 5 minutes represents 500 neuro-motor inputs to the client. This can serve as a powerful tool for the facilitation of the key neuro-motor systems that support function. Strength, muscle coordination and sensory processing used for walking, talking and fine motor skills for daily activities, along with general attention to tasks have all been shown to be positively impacted by Hippotherapy.

Download paperwork for new or returning clients below. All diagnosis specific forms can be found within the online accounts once you register.

For returning clients, usernames are your primary email address with .wecanride at the end.

The first step to becoming a client is creating an online account, completing all required paperwork and uploading a video of the client. Once that is complete, we will get a zoom screening scheduled.The screening is about 30 minutes where we’ll go over goals, diagnoses, We Can Ride information and the schedule if everything looks good! Screenings are done during weekdays and availability varies by week. The cost of the screening is $88.00 and will be billed from [email protected]. This will need to be paid before the screening occurs unless paying through a 3rd party. Please see the “payment policy” for the varying prices. We are unable to give a specific cost per client until the screening is complete.

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