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Herd Dynamics Takes Team Building to a new level

Herd Dynamics uses Equine Assisted Learning to foster personal and professional growth for participants. This approach does not require horsemanship or riding skills but rather creates a partnership between participants, horses, and coaches. Through activities, observation and reflection, your group will enjoy an experiential opportunity to see challenges in a different way. Herd Dynamics builds teamwork, confidence, and creativity!

The Horses Show the Way

As prey animals they are highly attuned to energy and surroundings. They exist in the moment, and their sensitivity to us helps us connect more deeply and even find a deeper sense of joy and relaxation. They are among the most emotionally intelligent domesticated animals – they read body language, expressions and intent and respond authentically to their human partners. Horses provide a mirror for what is truly going on inside of us.

The Benefits are Real

We work with multiple groups, including small and large corporations, non-profits, community organizations, health care workers, schools, teachers, students and first responders. Your group can expect:

  • Improved Communication Skills – You will learn to communicate clearly, assertively, and empathetically with the horses, which translates to improved communication with team members.
  • Stronger Team Cohesion – Group activities foster teamwork and collaboration. Opportunities to lead, partner and influence increase your team members’ abilities to work together more productively.
  • Enhanced Problem Solving and Critical Thinking – Tackling and completing tasks with horses highlights you and your team’s ability to think critically, make decisions and adapt approaches.
  • Greater Self Awareness – Gaining insight into your strengths and opportunities for improvement helps you become more mindful of how your attitude and presence affect others.
  • A Boost to Your Mental Well-Being – Partnering with our horses is fun! It allows you to enjoy nature, reduces stress and offers an opportunity to feel what it’s truly like to live in the moment.