Learn Our History and Mission

As the oldest and largest Therapeutic Riding Program in Minnesota, We Can Ride has been changing lives since 1982. Our mission is to connect humans and horses to transform the lives of individuals with disabilities and meet the evolving needs of our greater community. 

It’s not about what disabilities or challenges our riders face, but rather what their abilities are and how they can be discovered through therapeutic horseback riding and other equine assisted activities.

…at other places, people stare because I have a disability. At We Can Ride, I am just a girl learning to ride and spending time with her best friends. The horses and volunteers see me for who I am.  I am no longer ‘that girl who walks funny.’


Samantha gets to be an athlete… I get to be a regular mom… she likes looking back at me and showing me what she is doing. It’s a sense of pride for both of us.

Bridget, Samantha's Mother