We tend to forget that our therapy horses did amazing things in their former lives. We’ve got ponies who have done everything from racing, trail riding, and search and rescue, to playing polo and driving. We also have a few very fancy show ponies.

One of our most expertly trained show horses is Kota, a flashy black Percheron-Morgan mare who came to We Can Ride in 2019. In addition to being a school horse in her prior life, she was also highly trained in the discipline of dressage. This ancient art originated from the Greek military commander, Xenophon in early 400 BC. He trained his mounted armies to use intimidating movements to frighten and dominate enemies. Throughout the centuries, dressage expanded to become an intricate combination of difficult skills and tests, which challenge horse and rider. Grand Prix, the top of the sport, is the form highlighted in Olympic competition. 

There are nine levels of proficiency in the sport. Kota has competed in multiple competitions at 3rd level Advanced, which is three levels below Grand Prix. This accomplishment is worth noting, as it takes years to achieve such success.

Our big, beautiful girl has a very devoted following of staff, volunteers, and clients. They are hoping she can achieve another success and win the title of Horse of the Year. Through our Buy a Bale program, each bale purchased for $10 equals one vote. Wouldn’t it be incredible to have our fancy gal earn the honor? Please check out the link on our website and donate to vote for your favorite horse! Buy a Bale ends October 16, 2022.

Now 24, Kota enjoys the fulfilling life of a therapy horse. She has an exceedingly sweet and patient personality with humans, but she definitely rules the roost in paddock three! 

Although she may be a challenge to bring in from the pasture or paddock, at times – she delights in playing, “Catch Me if You Can,” she really does love attention. When you next see her, remember that while she is a seasoned athletic competitor with many accolades, Kota’s favorite reward is pets and kisses from you